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  3. We have visited this condo in the past and found it very pleasant and would consider living there ourselves.
  4. We r a swinger couple who spend a few months of the year in Pattaya and stick to meeting other visiting couples. AFF and swingasia.com is where we connect with couples coming to Pattaya.
  5. Prices and availability are subject to changes without prior notice
  6. Britishop.com is located in Pattaya, but operates mainly online with delivery available nationwide. We have a wide range of international food and drink catering to the expat market, not only the Brits! Loads of sausages Top quality bacon Steaks & meats Cod, salmon & kippers Lots of meat & fruit pies Baked beans Western sauces & meal kits Western, Indian & Chinese ready meals Imported chocolates English & German beer & cider Great value wine And lots more! Check it out on our website.
  7. Now is the best time to get your affairs in order. I have many clients in their 80s that are still hanging on to investments in this very shaky economic World. I urge you to think about these as many have their savings in tax shelters like Guernsey or Sheffield or Isles of Man and although this is not investment advice these places are easy to park you money however try getting it out, particularly now that there are bank collapses all around the World. Perhaps you should consider internet bank and allow access to these accounts in case something happens to you or you forget your access. This may save big headaches later on. And while we are here how about a Will Testament to secure you assets and who gets what? Thai888 Law are professionals in Wills, Probate, Inheritance, and all the legal stuff in between. Now is not the time to put things off as the World is in a mess and if your money and assets are off shore then you need professional assistance now and after. [email protected] English speaking staff.
  8. เราพร้อมที่จะช่วยเหลือปัญหาของคุณ สามารถติดต่อเราได้.... [email protected] Whatsapp- 084 636 3598 Line ID- Jiffytrying 👉คดีแพ่ง 👉คดีอาญา 👉เจตจำนงสุดท้ายและ 👉สัญญาก่อนสมรส 👉อสังหาริมทรัพย์ให้เช่าหรือซื้อ 👉การบัญชี 👉รวมและจัดตั้งบริษัท 👉บริการด้านกฎหมาย
  9. Over 10 years in the Pattaya area with 3 offices in the View Talay 5 D building for a complete one stop service from Last / Living Wills, probate, all legal issues, contracts for buy and sell, Land Office due diligence, accounting, tax, International issues. People seeking legal advice that cannot fly into Thailand can use our services and we can act for you. Our prices are appropriate and we are well known in the ExPats World. more information here www.thai888.com
  10. Senor Taco near Tree Town, this place specializes in burritos, and they do them really well. Their burritos are huge.
  11. Sorry to hear that you're going through a tough time with the divorce, It's really tough finding a good lawyer in Pattaya that will protect the foreigner over the local girl, especially when you need one that's good with international stuff and speaks English well. Make sure you ask them how much they'll cost upfront before they start charging as I have herd some horror stories and if they have any payment plans. Hope you find someone awesome to help you out.
  12. I'm currently about to go through a divorce in Pattaya and feeling overwhelmed by the legal process. Can anyone recommend a reliable divorce lawyer who can guide me through the process and help me achieve the best possible outcome for myself and my kids as their well-being is my top priority. I'm looking for a divorce lawyer who can help me navigate the legal aspects of child custody and support. It's important to me that my children's needs are considered and protected throughout the divorce process. If anyone has had experience with a divorce lawyer who has a track record of putting children first, please let me know I want to make sure I can afford to hire a good lawyer who can represent me effectively without breaking the bank. Any advice on negotiating fees or finding a lawyer who is willing to work with me on a payment plan would be extremely helpful. Thank you for your time and assistance.
  13. Laguna Beach Resort 3 - The Maldives, Pattaya For sale Price 7,800,000 Type: 3 bedroom Size: 125 m² View: pool view Floor: 5 Quota: foreign quota Location: Jomtien
  14. I like Taco House on Siam Country Club. Very authentic TexMex. I haven't found real Mexican food here, just TexMex.
  15. Check out Yamato Restaurant so 13/2. I haven't been since pre-covid, but it was good then and is well established.
  16. What are the best Pizza options in Pattaya? I know they have a Pizza Pala Romana at Terminal 21 and Pala is my favourite Italian Pizza in Bangkok alongside Pizza Mania for NY style pizza. I am hoping to find some more good / better pizza options here in Pattaya, what do you consider the best Pizza in Pattaya?
  17. I have been thinking about coming along to the “table of knowledge” 😉 do you sell coffee or is Chinese tea the only drinks option?
  18. We are looking at buying a condo at Thabali Condo Chateau Dale, does anyone live there currently and have any feedback on the environment, management? Ideally we would buy and rent it out for 6 months and use it for our personal use while we are back living in Pattaya. Also to note there are two condos that get confused very often, Thabali Condo and Chateau Dale Condo, both on Soi Condo Chateau Dale. Thanks - We will keep you updated on our offline research too.
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